Radiation Therapy Department.

The main goal of Radiation Therapy Department is to improve and provide  the best medical service and care to our patients, through delivering the most effective and accurate radiotherapy techniques including IMRT, IGRT and 3D using LINAC, Varian Co. This allow us to focus the radiation on the tumor, while minimizing the risks to the surrounding normal organs. However, our patient care teams of physicians, nurses, physicists, radiation therapists, and other support staff work with patients to assess needs, develop treatment plans and administer radiation therapy. GOC also looking for obtaining an international accreditation certificate, as part of its program for quality assurance in radiotherapy. We are proud to be the first center provides high quality care and service to the citizens and we welcome patients from all Iaqi provence. 

Nuclear Medicine Department


Nuclear medicine department plays a key role in pioneering the hybrid imaging methods in the field of cancer, cardiac diagnostics and neuroimaging. Nuclear medicine is not limited to diagnostic procedures, but also offers several treatment options. While therapies of thyroid disorders are among the classics in the nuclear field. Nuclear Medicine Department uses the SPECT/CT technology to diagnose diseases in some specific tissues of the body, and the department receives referrals from several places outside the center. Planning and reporting are always carried out in best quality by the our experienced team or by German expirts through Telemedicen service.

Diagnostic Radiology Department


This department plays an important role in providing the most technologically advanced imaging services in diagnostic radiology. The department contain units of Computed Tomography (CT) scan, Mammography, Digital X-ray ans Dexa Scan. This Department managed by highly qualified team of specialists and consultants in the field of radiography, as well as expert technicians and support staff who do everything they can to provide the highest quality standards.

Consulting clinics


The German Oncology Center seeks to provide its medical services with new vision through consulting clinics, which suppervised by the bigest of specialists and consultants in various medical branches.

Clinic of radio-oncology

Clinic of Hemato-oncology

Clinic of pediatric oncology

Clinic of breast cncer

Clinic of family medicine

Clinc of Echo and ultrasound 

Laboratory department

The German Oncology Center has the first agency in Iraq for Biolab medical laboratories group, which are licend by four international accreditation foundation in the world . It provides all routin and advanced tests for medical investigations. Test quality control, Acurecy in result and time managment are the basics in our lab. work. 


Pharmacy takes an important role in GOC in order to provide all the needs of inpatients and outpatients at all times, and the pharmacy is located in a suitable place for patients within the center building and provides medicines and treatments through a coopertive and scientific team.